End The Stigma, Mental Health Is Important! May Is Mental Health Month

In some cases, it can prevent the onset or relapse of a physical or mental illness. Managing stress well, for instance, can have a positive impact on heart disease. All of that translates into the difficulty that many people have finding help for real, disabling symptoms attributed to a mental illness or addiction. If you […]


The Latest On Details For Healthcare You can read more about the definition and calculation of DALYs in the technical report WHO methods and data sources for global burden of disease estimates. The United States also lags behind on many measures of education, has higher child poverty and income inequality, and lower social mobility than […]

Prepare A Health And Safety Policy

These agencies first define the safety standards, which they publish in the form of codes. They are also Accreditation Bodies and entitle independent third parties such as testing and certification agencies to inspect and ensure compliance to the standards they defined. For example, after the 9/11/2001 attacks, many people chose to drive rather than fly, […]